I’m a young girl struggling to face growing up. So instead I made a movie about it.

Sigur Ros has burned itself into me and managed to be my number one influence when creating films. This contest opportunity has turned itself literally into a dream come true as I would constantly make Sigur Ros music videos in my head for the past 5 years, craving so desperately to one day to do so. Some of the most special moments in my life were while listening to their songs. Some of my favorite films feature their compositions. It hits so many notes inside of me that nothing else ever had nor ever could. And as I venture off, 22 years old, they represent memories to me. The past. What’s to come. What you’ll never have and what you’ll never get back. Kiit (lead actress, 18 years old) and I worked on “Eg Anda” for 6 days straight with 2 hours of footage to compact into 6 mins. What started out as terrifying and nerve wrecking anxiety quickly became the films I held in my memory all these years. This is not just a film for me but a diary. These images are my way with words. They are as real to me as the screen in front of you.

I just think everybody can relate to raging at life and loving it at the same time. 
I enjoyed creating this film for you so much. Please take the time to learn and view more of my “film diary” below. 

Please take a moment to vote twice (through Facebook and Twitter) for EG ANDA to become an official Sigur Ros film!

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